Forensic Examination of Handwriting, Signatures, and Documents

Handwriting Analyses
Examining and analyzing writing on art and documents related to a work of art offers the possibility of adding strong evidence to the investigation of a work's authenticity. It is possible to discover the following:
  • Comparisons of signatures, handwriting, and hand printing.
  • Alterations or damage to documents.
  • Identification of typewriter and typewriting.
  • Impressions left by the writer.
  • Type of ink and writing instrument used.

When there is handwriting on a painting or drawing, it provides an additional opportunity to prove that it is a work by a specific artist. The most common inscriptions are the date, location, title, name of the sitter for a portrait, or names of friends or family appearing in the composition. Sometimes an author dedicates the work to someone. Using handwriting-analysis we are able to authenticate a painting, drawing, or document.

Our forensic analysts focus on four categories that define an author’s handwriting: form, line quality, arrangement, and content. Form concerns the shape of letters, slant, retracing, connection, curves, and proportion of letters. Line quality is a result of the type of pen or pencil used and the amount of pressure applied during the writing process. Arrangement looks at spacing, formatting, and punctuation. Content includes spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and phrasing.

Handwriting authenticity can be validated with a very high degree of confidence. Professional forensic handwriting examiners have developed expertise and training that allow them to correctly identify a person’s handwriting. If mistakes are made, it is more likely that an authentic signature would be deemed a forgery than a forgery being ruled authentic. For the best results in handwriting authentication, possession of known and authentic samples of handwriting are important for comparison.

The advantage of our company is our experience in authentication alongside the use of handwriting analysis.

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