Handwriting Dating

Handwriting dating

Determining the age of a piece of writing (document or inscription) helps put it into historical context. Inscription dating for paintings or drawings is one of the main methods used in the authentication process. If we know when the inscription or signature was written on the painting, we can acknowledge its authorship. The most important thing is to determine the age of material (paper, canvas, wood) containing the handwriting and to date the ink or other pigment used.

There are several methods of material dating, which are described under Scientific Tests on our web page. Very often the age of pigment or ink used is not the same as the age of the material on which the inscription was written.

The age of a document, drawing, or painting can be artificially changed by exposure to sunlight, heat, or moisture. This can be routinely detected through visual, UV, infrared, and microscopic examinations. Forensic linguistics can date an inscription by analyzing the language used and the form and style of letters.

Handwriting dating uses several techniques which, combined, can help place the artwork in specific time period.

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