Signature Comparison

Signature comparison

We often get inquiries from our customers asking us to authenticate art or documents containing a signature. Authentication of a signature ensures authorship of the art or document in question.

When the authorship of a signature is disputed, our experts will perform a scientific comparison of the signature against a handwriting specimen of known authorship. Both similarities and differences will be identified and an expert opinion will be provided on the authenticity of the signature.

Signatures frequently differ from a person’s handwriting, displaying an individual style and manner of execution. A scientific comparison of a disputed signature against a verifiable specimen can provide important evidence of authorship. The legibility of a signature is not as significant as the author’s consistency.

Our experts will assess attributes such as fluency, letter shapes, direction of slant, irregularities in the baseline, and dimensions. The significance of the similarities and differences revealed is then considered in order to arrive at an opinion with regard to the authenticity of a signature suspected of being forged.

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